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Top 5 Women’s Health Nutrients

Happy Women’s History Month! Did you know it wasn’t until 1987 that Congress recognized women’s historical contributions as a national event? Whatever your stance on feminism, I think we can all agree that women have done some awesome stuff in history – specifically, in your own personal history, as your mom grew and birthed you. So yeah, that’s pretty awesome. If you haven’t thanked her for this in a while (or ever?), give her a call. That stuff isn’t easy. Trust me, I’ve done it three times. It’s exhausting. Phew.

March also happens to be National Nutrition Month, which obviously is a topic near and dear to my heart. So since we’re celebrating both women (men, don’t worry, we love and celebrate you, too!) and nutrition this month, here’s a quick and dirty look at some nutritional needs specific to us females:


We all need iron, but women of child-bearing age need more. Iron forms part of …click here to read on!


Calcium is the mineral you have the most of in your body. You probably know it’s responsible for forming bones and teeth, but did you know it’s also vital for…click here to read on!

Vitamin D

Vitamin D and calcium go hand-in-hand. Vitamin D is vital for…click here to read on!

Folic Acid

You’ve probably heard the terms folate and folic acid many times. What’s the difference? Click here to read on!


You’ve heard the term a million times in the media, but what exactly is an antioxidant? Antioxidants are…click here to read on!

So there you have it, my top 5 women’s health nutrient tips. Hopefully you’re paying attention to the most important woman in your life (yourself! Or your spouse, or your mom, your daughter, your sister…) every day anyway, but give her some extra love this month. Set some goals around getting in a few more fruits and vegetables and checking in with your intake around calcium, vitamin D, folate, and iron. Remember, food sources are best, but where appropriate, supplements can fill the gap. (It’s always best to get guidance from your healthcare professional for supplementation.)

Now send this post to your favorite female and tell her you care about her!



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