Looking For Balance? Confused by Nutrition in the News? I can help.

Whether you’re looking for general nutrition information or are a seasoned athlete in need of performance fueling advice, as a Registered Dietitian I can help you tweak what you already know and fill in the blanks with professional guidance and continued support. I can help you answer your supplement questions, take the stress out of choosing foods, identify areas of improvement, and give you the tools for a lifetime of healthy nourishment.

Through individualized nutrition coaching, guidance, and ongoing support, I can show you how to make sense of the mixed messages you’ve read in the media, understand how food functions in your body, and let go of a mentality of deprivation and exclusion. My goal is to help you establish a healthy relationship with food, take the stress out of healthful eating, and learn to understand your body’s need for nutrition so that you can focus on loving food! 

Several service offerings are available to meet your needs. Check out the Work With Me section to learn more.

Not sure where to start? Please contact me, and we’ll find the service that best fits your need.